Fairy-Type Double Berry Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Happy (belated) Saint Valentine’s day! I made these cupcakes in celebration of Valentine’s day for my friends tonight. Could you have guessed? These are yellow cake with fresh strawberry in them, frosted with a sweet, double berry puree butter-cream and topped with a pink pearl candy.   Recipe makes about 24 cupcakes. Ingredients: For the […]

Electric-Type Zesty Lemon Cupcake Recipe

You know me, I love cupcakes. And I like a craft-challenge (not so much a regular challenge). I’ve been craft-challenging myself to think up a whole collection of cupcake recipes for Pokemon types. This is only the beginning! I will be trying to make other types over the next couple weeks. Successful recipes will be […]

Primal, Real-food Chicken Pot Pie!

I have been making chicken pot pie for years. It was probably one of the first things I learned to “cook”. I use the term “cook” lightly, because it involved Bisquick, a can of cream of chicken, and frozen vegetables (as well as chicken and cooked potatoes). I’ve continued to make this quick favourite for […]

Shop Small and DIY this Holiday!

Did you get a head start on your holiday gift shopping? Whether or not you did, I know you’re not done. (; There are always people on your list that are difficult to buy for. In my experience, kids in the family are always easy to shop for. Kids are easily pleased. Immediate family is […]

A summer baby shower and some refreshing summer cupcakes!

This week I’ve been helping Josh’s mom with a baby shower she had been planning. I really love parties and entertaining, so I had no trouble helping shop for the food, set up for the party, and work out the details. It was a sports-themed shower, and everything was adorable. We had sports-themed table settings, sports-themed […]

Josh’s cake

This cake is not for the weak of heart. Nor for those on a diet. And it’s certainly not for those who don’t like dark chocolate. Josh really likes dark chocolate. Of course I obliged his dark chocolate-lust for his birthday– only the best girlfriend would. (; This cake is loosely based off of an […]

A healthy and delicious Chinese recipe

We’ve been cooking pretty healthy lately, since summer is coming, and of course that means bikini season! I don’t know about anyone else, but after I’ve been dieting for a while, all I want is exactly what I can’t have– pop, cookies, juice, Chinese food… I love General Tso’s chicken. So, we made some. I was prepared […]

Easy and simple buttercream frosting– never buy frosting again!

I’ve been productive as of late– I spent the last three days cleaning, cooking, baking, painting, running errands, organising, and doing anything else that needed to be done with the help of my lovely Sara. And yes, that’s right, I said baking! Not that I haven’t been baking, I just have been lazy baking. However […]

My favourite sugar cookie recipe!

I made cookie sweethearts. You know, like the sweetheart candies that everyone gets as a kid on Valentines Day! So, I made five different colours/flavours of frosting and wrote little messages on them like, “hug”, and “hot”, and “love.” These were my Valentine’s gift to my boyfriend, Josh, and I only intended on making a […]