Time to move!

Just as I post a big contest on my blog, I find out that my blog host is shutting down– figures! However, it’s just as well. I’ve been changing around my blog a bit, so I’ll look at this as an opportunity to re-shape my blog and what I write about on it. Let me explain what you as a reader should come to expect from me as a writer. (:

As the tagline reads, my blog is a compilation of recipes, photos, and tales as a kitchen witch. What is a kitchen witch?, you may ask. Simply a Pagan female witch who loves to make her magick in the kitchen! I love to cook, and I can’t say that I’m a perfect chef, in fact, my recipes flop all too often. However, I try my best to cook and bake with the best ingredients and spices, making everything I can from scratch– and that includes so much: soap and toothpaste, beverages, cake and cupcakes of all kinds, soup and stock, bread (that’s one of the big failures!), candies and sprinkles, and anything else I try my hand at. Aside from recipes, you’ll probably learn a lot about cultures (I love different cultures and their various foods!), a lot about the Pagan lifestyle, and a lot about me!

So, while I move over the important recipes to the new blog, tell me what you want to see me make, and in turn, what would you like to learn? Email me at sugarspiceeverythingnatural@outlook.com!


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